Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.

– Dylan Lauren

Candy Experience – The Journey

Hello and welcome to our Candy Experience. We are Shirleen and Shaun, the founders of Candy Experience. We are often asked, “Why did you start a candy subscription box?” We started this adventure to share our passion and love for candy with our fellow Canadians. We are a family-owned business located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We launched our candy subscription business in October 2016. Joining us on this journey is our daughter Jessica, and the “CEO”, our family cat Riley.

Like many candy lovers, we used to get our candy from grocery stores, bulk stores, and candy stores. The main drawback we found at these locations was the limited selection of candy, especially beyond the mainstream options. Buying candy at the bulk stores often made us think: “How long has this candy been in this bin? How many people have rummaged through this?” These thoughts, paired with bulk stores’ high prices and focus on kids-only candy, made us think there must be a better way to find the candy we wanted.

For many years, we’d wanted to create a family business, and now we had the basis of an idea: candy! While we were brainstorming (i.e., while Shaun was waxing poetic during Shirleen’s favourite TV shows), we discussed how our passion for candy could make our dream of a family business into a reality.

First, we considered our main goal: offering a great variety of candy that was high-quality, as fresh as possible, and of course, a reasonable price. Then we had to figure out how to do it. The subject of candy gift baskets came up as we reminisced about baskets we’d been given or those we’d gifted to others, or the almost obligatory candy we buy for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. We knew that everyone likes to receive gifts, and the best part of getting a gift is the surprise of not knowing what’s inside.

Then came our “Eureka!” moment. What if we created a business that allows us to send people a box of delicious, unique, high-quality, fresh candy every month for a reasonable price? The boxes would be totally different each month, the types of candy would be a surprise, and it’d all be delivered right to their doorstep. Our candy subscription box was born!

We’ve now entered our second year of Canada’s Monthly Candy Experience. While we’re delighted with how awesome our first year has been, we’re most proud of what our customers say about our product. Jessica N. of Peace River says, “It’s the best subscription box ever. They send you this box of dreams every month and it’s loaded with super fresh candy. I loved the handwritten note inside.” Kelly O. of Swift Current says, “I loved the box this month; okay, I usually love every box! Those sour skulls candy from Sweden were incredible and the cherry slices were delectable. Keep it up.”

Our mission for your candy subscription box is to deliver fresh, delicious, mouthwatering, and amazing candy from Canada, the United States, and around the world, right to your doorstep. But our favourite part? Hearing from our customers how much they enjoy our candy box. Let our family bring a sweet treat to yours!

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Our childhood candy memories...
When I was about 11, we used to go to the small town store to spend some of our creamery money (money from milking cows). I got 50 cents to spend however I wanted to. I bought my favourite candy… they were red licorice shoelaces. They cost 5 cents each. I remember braiding them and tying them into knots just to make them last longer, at least I thought so. Also for a little more money (10 cents) I would buy the Popeye Candy Cigarettes. Mmmm, they were both so delicious.

My childhood memories of candy are some of my best memories! My father, who worked for the government would travel now and then and be away for several days at a time. When he came home, my three brothers and I would meet him at the door. Sure, we missed him, but there was more at stake also. Whenever he came home from a trip he would bring home four chocolate bars and we got to choose, from oldest to youngest and once in a wile, youngest to oldest (I was the youngest), which candy we wanted. This was always a fun and exciting time. I always hoped that one way or another I would get the Oh Henry Bar or at least the Coffee Crisp! I can still picture the scrum at the door.

The summer of my tenth birthday, I spent every day with a group of kids from my townhouse complex. We’d take the few dollars we’d saved from chores or been given by our parents and walk down a long back lane to the Husky gas station. There, we’d spend what felt like forever filling little plastic bags with a well-curated assortment of 5-cent candies; sometimes we “splurged” on 25-cent candies. All of the sweet and sour treats were paired with a Slurpee. So many afternoons were spent on the playground, eating that candy and laughing through the summer heat.